worn by Conchita - Lookbook

Looks worn by Conchita 2014/2015 - a selection

Photographer: Karin Czech Proksch

Hair & Make-Up: Celine Bader

worn by conchita

From Karl Lagerfeld to Jean Paul Gaultier, every major international fashion designer as well as numerous fashion blogs are crazy about her. So it comes as no surprise that Conchita has worn a lot of prestigious couture in the past year.

Interestingly enough, Conchita not only seems to have a soft spot for fashion in general but for JCHOERL in particular. She wears JCHOERL at her concerts, public events and to private gatherings, for example following  the invitation of General Secretary Ban Ki Moon of the United Nations.


Fashion editor Judith Jules Beck (www.modebezirk.com), photographer Peter Grillmair (www.petergrillmair.com) and the fashion designer Juergen Christian Hoerl decided to document this fashion love affair with a different and unique approach.
Conchita Wurst Fans were invited to be part of a very unique photo shoot. They got to pose in their own „Conchita Clothes“, alone and with a model wearing a dress from their idol, as well as a very personal detail, which was also staged exclusively. The excitement, affection, happiness and admiration for Conchita and the fashion were captured in intimate and expressive images.

See how much these pictures speak for themselves ...

Photos: Peter Grillmair - www.petergrillmair.com

Styling: Judith Jules Beck - www.modebezirk.com


Makeup & Hair:
Make-Up Studio Karin Van Vliet - www.makeup-studio.com
Celina Bader - www.facebook.com/celectrabader

What connects you to with Conchita?



A lot connects me with Conchita, In fact i got to know her as Tom.

I'm a fan since the beginning, and I’ve followed her development ever since.

I really admire her.
When I came to the studio I had various outfits with me - some were the ones in which I met Conchita, but in the end I went for the suit, which reminds me of Marlene Dietrich.
It’s a nice fit, since Marlene Dietrich also had a pioneering role. And we can doubtlessly say the same thing about Conchita.


What I remember most, of course, is the song contest final. I watched it with a guy I was dating at the time.
The special thing about this event was that my friend had impaired hearing, but was still very interested in music.
So we watched the entire show with subtitles. And that was something special, as it kind of reinforced Conchita's message of tolerance.
I love how she uses her media attention to transport what she is trying to get across.



I admire Conchita.

Not only the character but also the person behind it. I adore her and her music.
I first met her at the Rosenball in Vienna.

That’s when she won me over.
I wore the dress I am wearing today. I also wore it when Conchita won the Eurovision Songcontest!



I met Conchita as Tom.

He is a super nice person and I am happy for him - happy that he is so successful.
I thought if I can support him by being part of this editorial, that's great and I'll do it.
I chose this outfit because I met Tom two years ago in a super casual, black street style look.
That inspired me for today’s styling.

behind the scenes

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