We take responsibility

At JCH Juergen Christian Hoerl  sustainability and good governance are lived and valued within the company.


The satisfaction of our customers is as important to us as the well-being of our employees, just as we take into


consideration the impact of our work and production processes on nature and our environment.


We consider great importance to the local proximity of our suppliers, as well as the avoidance of CO2 emissions, ranging


from transportation routes of the required resources and materials, such as plane. More than 95% of our fabrics and


materials are sourced from companies based in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


We cooperate with companies that fit our ideals. Faire, ergonomic and valued working conditions are a requirement for us


as well as the highest quality standards and environmentally friendly logistics.



JCH houses all production steps from cutting to finishing entirely in Vienna. The production of textiles and their production


levels has become more international and globalized than ever before, even for companies like us. In Austria "produced"


clothing is only made in rare occasion completely here in Austria, mostly many of the individual production steps are


outsourced except for the finishing.