Mario Dalpra

Mario Dalpra
RESIDENT Artist @JCH Store
Am 22.10.1960 wird Mario Dalpra als Sohn eines Postbeamten und einer Hausfrau in Vorarlberg geboren. Nach einer zufriedenen Kindheit beginnt Dalpra nach Abschluss der Schulzeit eine Lehre als Koch. Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss der Kochlehre arbeitet er ein Jahr lang in verschiedenen Berufssparten bis er sich 1980 entschließt nach Wien zu ziehen. 1981 begibt sich Dalpra in ein Jesuitenkloster, wo er zwei Jahre verbringt. In dieser Zeit beginnt er mit der Maturaschule Dr. Roland und bewirbt sich für die Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, in der er 1982 in der Meisterklasse Arnulf Rainer aufgenommen wird. Eine sehr spannende und arbeitsame Zeit beginnt. Er widmet sich dem Studium der Improvisation und Gesang sowie Kunstgeschichte. Mit seiner Familie lebt und arbeitet Dalpra in Wien (Österreich), Anjuna (Indien) und Mas (Indonesien).


Dalpra was born in Vorarlberg on 22 October 1960, the son of a post-office employee and a housewife. After a happy childhood, Dalpra finishes school and apprentices as a cook. He successfully completes his training and works for a year in various jobs until 1980, when he decides to move to Vienna.
Dalpra enters a Jesuit community in 1981 and spends two years there. During this time, he studies for his higher education entrance qualification at the Dr. Roland School and applies to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, where, in 1982, he enrols in Arnulf Rainer’s master class. An exciting and dedicated time follows. He devotes himself to the study of improvisation and voice, as well as the history of art. With his family Dalpra lives and works in Vienna (Austria), Anjuna (India) and Mas (Indonesia).


1983 Spends four months in Sussex and tours southern England.

1984 Dalpra begins his year-long travels, which take him round the globe. During the next 19 years he spends summer in Italy at Fattoria il Poggio, where an Italian collector puts a spacious studio at his disposal.

1985 Trip to Spain and North Africa. Spends several months in Morocco and then travels to France, where he spends three months in Paris.
1986 The French mime Marcel Marceau invites him to spend some months in the South of France, where he presents his works in an exhibition at the Festival de Dance in Cahors.
1988 He spends several months in Berlin and travels throughout Europe.
1989 Trip to Australia; spends some months in Sydney and tours throughout the country. Start of his collaboration with the Sherman Gallery.
1994 After a successful collaboration and exhibitions in Japan, Dalpra decides to leave the galleries in the USA and Asia and returns to Vienna.
1995 At the same time, he is invited by the Paul Greenaway Gallery in Adelaide to put on an exhibition.
1997 Spends several months in Indonesia and Australia. Invitation to Brazil, where he spends some months in Rio de Janeiro in an artist-in-residence programme. Meets Richard Serra.
1998 In Ubud he starts working on his first sculptures in wood and rents a workshop in Mas, where his work shows exciting progress during the subsequent years.
1999 Spends several months in Italy and in autumn embarks on a journey to India.
2000 Stays in India for several months. Produces 30 large-format pictures in a small studio in Anjuna, a village in Goa.
2002 Spends several months in India and Indonesia, where he finishes his first 28 sculptures in wood.
2004 Builds his house and studio in Anjuna. In the following years this becomes a favourite meeting point where many friends and artists stay, among them Jakob Gasteiger, Erwin Wurm, Richard Kaplenig, Eva Wagner, Klaus Spiess and Max Boehme, to name only a few.
2006 Starts working for the first time with bronze.
2007 Trip to India, Asia and Indonesia; he produces 17 bronze figures.
2008 Several months’ sojourn in India; meets the graffiti artist Banksy on the beach. Their friendship lasts a month, then Banksy disappears into anonymity once more. Dalpra finishes seven large bronze objects and has them shipped to Vienna.
2009 Once again spends several months in India and Indonesia; works on new options for treating the surface of his sculptures.
2010 Production of his first high-gloss sculptures. His works are covered with multiple layers of lacquer after being cast. The start of a decisive turnaround in his career.
2011 Trip to Thailand, Indonesia and finally Australia; opening of his exhibition with sack sculptures and pictures in the Paul Greenaway Gallery.
2012 Opening of his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in the Eva Wild Gallery. Trip to Indonesia; opening of his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in the Gans Gallery and Kunsthaus Wiesinger.
2013 Opening of his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in the Eva Wild Gallery; Presentation of his new books “ This is not the end” paintings and ”Transformasi”sculptures; opening of his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in the Arthouse Gallery; opening of his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in the Sikoronja Gallery; opening of his exhibition with sculptures  in the Artpark, Villa Bulfon with Lisabird Gallery; opening of his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in the Gans Gallery; opening of his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in the Gans Gallery;
Opening at Trierenberg ART with sculptures and pictures in Traun; opening with his exhibition with sculptures and pictures in Feldkirch and at the Art Dornbirn with Arthouse Gallery; first presentation of his work in London for the winter show at Albemarle Gallery;













Presentation of his work in Miami at the Art Miami Beach; first solo show at Albemarle in London; opening of his exhibition in the Gallery Gans; opening of his exhibition with sculptures and paintings in the Antiquehof Gallery Figl; temporary end of his travels.
Travels to Indonesia to finish his commission of four large sculptures for Croma, Klosterneuburg, Austria; Finishes his commission of three large sculptures for "Harmony of the Seas", the world's largest passenger cruise ship; Presentation of his work at Art Austria, Vienna; Preparation for his exhibitions at Galerie Gans and Cselley Mühle in Austria; Travels to Mallorca to get a commission for two sculptures; Preparation for a new trip to Asia at the end of 2016.
Presentation of sculptures and paintings at Gallery Hametner in Stoob,  Austria; Exhibition of Sculptures at Gallery Gans, Austria; Presentation of sculptures at Gallery Barbara Paul-Zittlau; Ravensburg, Germany; “Fundati” presentation of sculptures at Villa Falkenhorst, Austria; “Workaholic” presentation of new paintings at Apostelhof; Austria; Wintershow at Jedlitschka Gallery, Zürich, Swizerland;
Groupshow; Paintings and Sculptures at Jedlitschka Gallery, Zürich, Swizerland;
Soloexhibition, Galerie Gans, Vienna, Österreich; “The arrival of the Dalpras “, Wohninvest, Vienna, Austria; Exhibtion at Parallel art fair, Galerie Gans, Vienna, Austria; Sculpture exhibition at Fair for Art, Vienna, Austria; “Be Inspired” Soloexhibition Galerie Gans, Kronus; "Art und Antique" exhibition, Galerie Artecont, Vienna, Austria;
Paintings and sculpture exhibition with Galerie Gans at Art Karlsruhe Art fair, Karlsruhe, Germany; Soloshow at Galerie Heimo Bachlechner, Graz, Austria; Paintings and drawings at Galerie Hametner, Stoob, Austria; "Sculpturegarden" Groupexhibition at Galerie Jedlitschka, Zürich, Switzerland; Exhibition of paintings and sculptures at Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim, Austria; Groupexhibition "Artinsolite", Teatro del Silencio, Bocelli, Italy; Soloshow with paintings and sculptures at Galerie Art Depot, Innsbruck, Austria;