Silk scarf 90 "Vienna 01"


360 EUR
  • Size 90 x 90 cm
  • Design Vienna 01
  • Made in Italy
  • Material: 100% silk twill
  • Care Instructions: dry clean

Curved ornaments, opulent rosettes, animal rings, elegant lines pairs, embellished frames, and vibrant colors create a landscape that feels like a painting on the skin. In this limited collection, we pay homage to our great love, "Vienna."

After two years of development, countless walks through Vienna, and intense design work, the scarf collection by Juergen Christian Hoerl became a reality, reflecting his love for the city of Vienna.

The ornamentation and diverse motifs of our urban architecture, as well as the works of great visionary artists, have inspired us.

The collection is presented in five exciting color variants that highlight diversity and accentuate the wearer's personality.

With silk in the size of 90x90 cm, we offer a playground for passion and joie de vivre.


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