tuxedo rental

Smokingverleih   Tuxedo with trousers 190,-- Shirt, mesh, cummerbund and cufflinks 100,--  Total price (tuxedo, shirt, cummerbu...

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Der Smoking für Frauen

woman's tailcoat

The Smoking for Women The smoking by Yves Saint-Laurent As early as the 1920s, actresses like Marlene Dietrich, known for her extravagant preferenc...

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Der Smoking

the tuxedo

The Dinner Jacket A classic dinner jacket consists of a single-breasted or double-breasted coat without a back vent. The color is black or mi...

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Der Frack

The Tailcoat

The tailcoat is still the most appropriate attire for grand balls. At the prestigious and traditional Viennese balls, while the tuxedo (smok...

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tailcoat rental

Tailcoat rental Tailcoat with trousers 240,-- Tailcoat/white (shirt, vest, mesh), decor (tailcoat buttons and cufflinks) 150,-- Total price...

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